Le temps est le luxe ultime



Paul Maxence is the creation of Paul Charoy and Maxence Roche. Although its owners come from very different career paths, both have experience in the luxury and hospitality industries. They also share a passion for seeing things through to the smallest detail.

Paul Charoy

Paul Charoy has a wealth of experience in luxury and in the management of high-status individuals. Over the course of his 30-year career, he has managed communications and public relations for large companies, such as Euro Disney, Sofitel Monde and Microsoft France, as well as major public institutions, including the Paris Mayor’s Office and the cities of Fontainebleau and Provins.

Paul also possesses international experience, having spent several years in North America working for major communications agencies in the United States and Canada.

He is bilingual, French and English, and also speaks German and Spanish.

Having attended to the needs of political leaders and important businessmen since the beginning of his career, it was natural for him to direct his interests to private concierge services by creating the concept of haute conciergerie in 2012 alongside Maxence Roche, which culminated in the launch of Paul Maxence.

Maxence Roche

Maxence Roche is an expert in travel and tourism. From his background as an airline pilot, he has extensive knowledge in airport procedures and travel reservation, management and logistics. Quite naturally, he took interest in professional airport greet services for high-status individuals and VIPs from the sports and entertainment industries.

He worked for professional VIP greet services at the Aéroports de Paris for over 5 years, managing a team and handling the arrivals of foreign dignitaries to France. As a result, he developed an enviable network of contacts within major palace chains and airline companies throughout the world.

He is bilingual, French and English, and has excellent knowledge of the international world of luxury.

Upon his arrival to Montreal in 2011, he decided to launch a private concierge service, Accueil Prestige, the cornerstone on which the Paul Maxence – Haute Conciergerie project was built.