Le temps est le luxe ultime


The "Haute Conciergerie"

Concierge services have become ubiquitous. Around the world, more and more airlines, hotels, banks and high-end credit cards are offering them. Unfortunately, too often, the service is limited to a more or less sophisticated call center where a more or less sharp agent attempts to accommodate a client’s request.

In the face of this depersonalization of the client's relationship, Paul Maxence imagined the Haute Conciergerie.

The concept is a Paul Maxence's creation. We wanted to restore the lustre of a still little-known profession because it meets the needs of the 21st century down to the slightest detail.

Similar to "haute couture" or "haute joaillerie" terms, the Haute Conciergerie is a craft delivered on a human scale, subtly technological and reserved for an elite clientele.

The success of Haute Conciergerie lies in the ultra-personalized relationship created along with our clients, who can entrust Paul Maxence, in complete confidence and confidentiality, with the organization of their professional, private and family lives.

At Paul Maxence, we like to say that we are the conductors of the lives of our clients who have confided us its score.